Now You Can Search By Zip Code!

Happy New Year everyone! Just wanted to drop a quick note about a new feature here on the site. Y’all can search by zip code now! The Golden Retriever Breeders By Zip Code link at the top of the page will take you to where you can type in your 5-digit zip code. We’ll then […]

Introducing The Big Puppy Sniffer

Big News! We’re very proud to announce the newest addition to the site, The Big Puppy Sniffer. The BPS is a system unique to that allows us to monitor all of our golden retriever breeders for litter announcements. This includes planned breedings, available puppies, and of course whelping announcements. You’ll notice on our home […]

Now With Over 100 Breeders!

Just a quick announcement that I’m pretty proud of: Golden Retriever Finder has surpassed 100 breeder listings! Thanks to everyone for your support! I will continue to add new breeders daily, and continue on to my next goal of listing breeders in all 50 states! Stay tuned.

New Social Media Links Added

So in my travels of researching golden retriever breeders, I’ve noticed a few bits of information I wasn’t capturing. To keep up with the times, more and more breeders are adding links on their respective sites to their social media pages. Since I want to give you all the most comprehensive listing of golden breeders […]